About me and my work

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Since the very moment I created with paper and glue a ‘straight’ and a ‘curved’ world creativity has been the leading theme in my life. 

Painting, drawing, sewing clothes and costumes, molding pottery, trimming chairs, woodworks, I did it all and I grew a strong preference for working with paint, textile and fibers.

Eleven years ago I decided to give visual art a more substantial role in my life and recently I completed a five year education program in fine art at the ‘Nieuwe Akademie’ in Utrecht.

In my work I want to express a strong emotion for the rawness of life, my objective is to get the spectator touched and stimulated to work their own stories of life and accept their emotions.

Currently I'm making giant banners. Textile applications and printed photographs are applied to an often transparent surface.

Step by step and with a lot of attention to colour and material, a carefully balanced work is created that not only deals with material, colour and transparency, but also tells a much more personal story.

The photos, figurative image elements and the materials used are references to people and memories.