Artist in Residency

All my materials and equipment including my sewing machine are packed and … I’m on my way to Finland!

What will it bring me this time …? Which artists and other people shall I meet in Meltola …? Will it be possible to work together on a creative project, or perhaps even have an exibition at the end of my stay?

I am excited and really looking forward to it!!

For four and a half weeks the Hub Feenix in Meltola will be the creative hub for me. Formerly it has been a sanatorium and three years ago it has been transformed into a place where – next to its function as a conference- and meeting centre – artists can work, get inspired and be creative together.

A professional team has been working over the past years to make it a wonderful and attractive place for all kinds of personal development, from yoga, Tai Chi lessons to workshops for the creative minds.

As a visual artist with a focus on textile materials I am wondering what my ‘investigation’ of the theme “Light in Finland’ will bring me this time. I searched for it during conversations with the visistors in Hauho in 2016.

The colors of the light in Finland are more intense by itself already! They also change more rapidly than what I observed in the Netherlands. I found that in the daily life, Finnish people are more ‘living together’ with the daylight and the intensity of it, feeling the influence on their eomtions and mood, more than we can observe in The Netherlands.

I’ll hope that this AiR brings me the right focus …..

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