Finland, discovering …. Coffee

Finland is really a very beautiful land, known for its lots of space for the inhabitants, lots of forest and many, many lakes and waters. 

But what about typical Finnish cultural aspects or tradition?

I like to introduce two of the- for me most typical ones – to you.

Finnish people do like coffee a lot- and I really mean a lot!- already from longer term tradition here. It is one of the things you get soon to know once you are visiting Finland.

Nowadays we are almost spoiled by the numerous places where one can enjoy drinking coffee, the most different and strange places you ever visited before in an almost unlimited variety of taste.

Coffee you can find anywhere, from the countryside near Saariselka to small coffee corners along the road from Helsinki up to the North. It’s a cultural thing: The Finns are raised with having coffee available, the whole day long! And of course it is the regular coffee, not a cappuccino or a flat one, just regular mostly very strong coffee. It goes with a sweet bun or roll with sugar and cinnamon called korvapusti.

Once you have finished your first cup of coffee, you can get yourself for free (!) a refill… you even don’t have to ask for it.

Next to this very delicious “sweet” the Finns are masters in baking the most wonderful berry-pies, little cakes with lemon but not to forget the little bites, savory appetizers with delicious cheese, fish, meat…..

A Finnish birthday or other party with family and close friends is characterized by a very festively set table with all kinds of cakes, delicacies and sweets on it. Everything presented with the nice cups, plates and glases preferable of some of the well-known brands like Arabia or Marimekko ( with the famous Muumicharacter on it).

Karelian pies (karjalanpiirakka) are amongst my favorite things to eat here in Finland. Little buns made from rice porridge (sometimes potato mash is being used but I strongly prefer rice) surrounded by a rye flour crust, baked until slightly browned. In Finland, these pastries are often eaten at breakfast or lunch. Delicious topped with ham, cheese, or just eggbutter.

How can you resist all these … ?

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