Lessons learned…

Quite a couple of days have passed since I returned to Holland and I carried a lot of things, thoughts and impressions with me back home.

My “Finnish Production” -15 pieces of textile and mixed media Art – are now hanging on the clothesline which has the impressive length of 10 meters.

Not all pieces are finished yet but it is nice to start right away with them in the morning, not having to bother about what to pick up now. I just have to finish all those pieces:  ‘discipline to completion”!

Back in the Dutch daylight the pieces I made have a very different appearance when compared to what they were looking in Finland.

What I learned from this period in Finland is that I myself and as a consequence also my work are strongly influenced by “light”. This observation is being supported by the many discussions I had with the Finnish visitors, the long dark winters create easily a gloomy feeling and passive behavior.

But there is also the new light when the winter is ending, beautiful days in February. Lapland seem to have bright and crisp sunshine, bright and crispy snow and clear crispy cold air. I am really longing to experience this and have this reflected in my artwork.

What else did I bring back home ?

There is the invitation to participate with a couple of my works in an arts exhibition next year; wow!

There was a lot of interest for again a workshop next year.

Lots of ideas around improving the contact with the visitors, eventually prolonging the contact.

The knowledge that some of the visitors were willing to buy some of my works!

The experience that there are (almost) always sufficient materials available or to find for creative arts. I took a load of stuff with me, it showed to be convenient but not really needed.

The understanding that there is a simple way in understanding whether your piece of art is ‘good’ or not: it is good when the spectator is moved, touched or excited, all other reactions mean that it is not good enough.


I am really curious to see what it all will bring me next: shall I realize some of my ideas – did “the daylight” inspire me enough – what more will come?

I’ll keep you posted!!

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