Light or Sunshine

Several days of working at the ‘Ateljee’ are now gone by and I must say that I really enjoy this.

Every morning starts with a lovely cup of cappuccino in the neighborhood. In Hämeenlinna there is a place called “Laurel’s” where you can buy the most delicious pies, cookies and cakes and eat them in their ‘lunchroom and café” while drinking a cappuccino.

Then, arriving back at Hovinkartano, I start with observing and noticing “The Light”; what are it’s colors, what is the ‘texture’ of the light, the intensity or any other aspect light can have.

One of the things I noticed is how remarkable few words I have in my ‘toolkit’ to describe the several layers or qualities of the light but also, how do I avoid to get distracted by the rain, the wind and the movements of the trees, the sun when she is shining ….?

Light is, as we know, not a thing you just can grab and hold in your hands. In fact it is not present, not aware and at the same time, yet very present by influencing all the objects that are around us.

Yesterday, when the sun was shining for almost the first time since I’m here, I noticed that there was a big shadow on the top of a roof nearby which I wasn’t aware of before.

Was it the sunlight that made me pay attention to it or was it my mood, influenced by the warmth of the sunshine that made me as a person more open to the world around me?

Up till then, the colors of the light were mainly grey, dark grey, green and dark green of the woods and pale yellow, beige, brown (light- and dark brown) and sometimes an almost golden ‘glow ‘came over the branches of the trees (birch), especially in the afternoon sun.

Translating these aspects into the fabrics and colors I brought with me cause me ‘pain in the neck’, but my hands guide me in the process of deciding and picking up the pieces that are just right!


How would you describe the effect of the light and the several qualities is has on your mood…?

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