Nature in Meltola

This morning I was running in the forest, nice sounds of different birds came into my ears. This, with the sound of swaying leaves on the trees was a delight for my ears. No car-noises, no voices of other people, just complete silence except for my breathing.

After one week being here in Meltola, the nature, the surrounding and the whole atmosphere of Hub Feenix have really gotten under my skin. In a good way …! It has its effect on me, I am getting more and more at an inner place, where it is quiet and without judgement about me and my work. And without expectations what will come true……No stress, no hurry, only being present! An inner flow leads me to stillness, contemplation and gratefulness.

This although doesn’t mean that I am not working or doing anything. In the contrary, instead of controlling and stick to my plans of investigating “ the light in Finland”, I try to let it go and just trust the creative process I am in right now.

I know now for sure that the restorative yoga and some healing sessions that are offered at Hub Feenix have their contribution in this process. Not to mention the sauna at the lake and the small talks we are having at the terrace late in the evenings.

And what will this creative process bring me…..? What about my focus…? I don’t know right now, but I try to follow ‘ the flow’ and in particular the movements my hands want to make. I am working more intuitively and from my heart.

In the mean time I got to know my fellow artists who come from all over the world, three people from origin USA citizens, from Slovakia, from Ireland, and from all kinds of disciplines like film-editing, writing, painting etc etc. Each of us has their personal studio and is working in that same place or at the coworkers place.

Every day when I start early in the morning at my studio at the floor, the view through my window has changed and so has the light! From grey, even dark grey to clear blue, from severe weather and storm to rain and sunshine.

Playing with the materials from nature, I am wondering where it will lead me…..

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