Taiteilijatapaaminen – Meet the Artists

On Wednesday the 23.th of August we had a wonderful evening and exchange with all the artists from Hub Feenix and from Fiskars coming together.

We all presented our work from the last 4 or more weeks at Hub Feenix. Next to the different artists also some volunteers and the founders of Hub Feenix were present on this lovely evening of gathering and talking about what we love the most: making art!!

And interesting it was: put several internationals writers, filmmakers, designers, visual artists and professional performers together and you get a very intense, strong bonding -as I would name it- about the creative process that is so familiar to all of us artists.

The writer from Slovakia described this creative process in a very bright and clear way. 

For him, being a translator as well, there is a big difference in the words he uses during the process of translating a certain text and the words which come to him by his ears ….. The words for a translation are sometimes completely different from the specific and very sensible words he uses in his poems. 

Even though his poems have been translated into English and been published in a book, for him there still are some difficulties and some differences between his original words in Slowak language and the translation into English. He explained that reading loud in front of an audience, what he often does, or giving a lecture at some place around the world, his own voice is giving him other signs when he speaks out loud the English poem or text compared to his original voice!

And this is actually what each of us recognized. Of course every person in her or in his own way, but anyhow, a recognition of the main issues or steps in this creative process.

It starts with an idea or mostly many, many ideas and the challenge to realize these ideas, the images that come into your head. And you will get along in that process and make some ‘nice’ or technically good things or stuff. But mainly the work that directly comes from your inner feeling, an emotion or an inner state, from your hart, will guide you to a more outstanding piece of work, either a poem, an installation, a performance or a sketch or painting. Read a biography of a famous painter or a performing artist and good chance that this idea will be proven.

But it takes time, a lot of time to understand your own making process. Not to mention, knowing when your work is just average or perhaps a little bit more special …. For me definitely that’s what I learned at the NAU ( Nieuwe Akademie Utrecht), the academy of fine arts, during six years of learning and discovering, with teachers, with excursions and so on.

At the end of this study to become a visual artist, I had a glimpse of my ‘signature’ as an artist. And still learning and discovering, now here at the AiR in Finland. This kind of places brings me inspiration and even more important focus! Focus on my work, how I make my textile work.

I am curious, what my next step will be in producing a textile piece inspired by the surroundings and nature in Meltola.

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