The ‘Ateljee’

All the materials and supplies I brought from Holland (by plane!) have been unpacked. Everything I need to make my ‘Artist in Residence’ period successful is there…., well that’s what I hope.

Pencils, paper, scissors, glue, my golden acrylics (a few of them actually), writing pad, gel medium, templates, stamps and an inkpad.

The big black suitcase that travelled all over the world already with Lesley Riley carried this time not only my sewing machine and yarns but also fabrics in several colors while my new daylight lamp and a travel – flat iron + ironing pad are completing my gear.

After cleaning- and tidying up the place and ‘organizing’ an extra table I was ready to start.

My intention is to investigate the phenomenon and the aspects of ‘Light’; the light in Finland.

From experience I know that, compared to the days in Holland, the daylight in Finland is much brighter, the sky is more- or deeper blue while the light itself can change within hours in many different colors and shades.

Also I want to experience the impact of ‘the light’ on myself, working at Hovinkartano with drawings and fabrics and to see if I – with some help of what one calls ‘discipline’ – can stick to my original plan.

When did you need ‘discipline’ in your creative process…?

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